Monday, May 3, 2010

A Note From Joey and Maggie: Bark in the Park 2010!

Happy Monday!  We're exhausted.  On Friday, Dad took the day off work to take us to the groomers - and after a bath,  a blueberry facial, and getting our nails trimmed, glands expressed, ears cleaned, and a new doo for Maggie, we knew something big was on the horizon.  Saturday was the big day; we got up at 5 AM and participated in our 8th Annual Bark in the Park, a fundraiser for Chicago's Anti-Cruelty Society.  It's a 5K/3.2 mile walk along Chicago's beautiful lakefront.  There were over 3,500 dogs in attendance.  That's a lot of butts to sniff! 
We were part of a team of Dachshunds and friends called Team Hot Dogs, which consisted of about 35 teammates, and together we raised over $16,000 for the Anti-Cruelty Society and took home the team challenge for the fourth year in a row!  We also participated in a sit/stay for 2 minutes to hopefully create a new world record for the most dogs in a sit/stay.
We're still resting up today; the walk was a bit harder this year than in the past - we're getting old at about 9.5 years, so we both hitched a ride in a wagon that was being pulled by one of our Leonberger friends!  Maggie was about 20% into the walk when she decided that she just wasn't going to do it anymore.  Joey held on a little longer, but the quick pace was a little much for him as well this year.  We'll have to take a big shortcut next year. 
Enjoy the Dachshund-centric photos; the last seven are from our Doxie friends Sampson, Tommy Lee, and Gina Marie.  You'll see lots of harnesses from Dachshund Delights.  You may also notice a Dachshund with butterfly wings on - that's 'Molly' with her dapper doxie duds from our pal 'Baxter' and his mom at kalyxcornucopia.


Melinda in McLean said...

What a great day you guys had! And what a great cause to support.

kalyxcorn said...

Hi Joey & Maggie! Love the coverage - wish we coulda been there, too! Baxter would love a romp on a doxie pack that big!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Joey and Maggie, All in all, we think you did "dog gone good" for your active participation for this good cause. 9.5 yrs and still going to help out!! Well thats a Wow in out books. Woof to ya later from Canada

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