Friday, April 30, 2010

Compassionate Cat Nurses Orphan Dachshund Puppies

It's been a while since there have been some good Dachshund interspecies musings around these parts, and this Texas shelter momma cat who has taken on four Dachshund puppies who lost their mother sure fits the bill.  Meet 'Beatrix,' her five kitties, and four Dachshund puppies.  Excerpt from Central Texas Now:

When the mother of these four miniature daschunds died while birthing her puppies, the owner called Pam Peacock [of Pam's D.O.G. (Depending on God) House in China Spring, Texas] with a life-saving request. "They would've needed somebody to bottle feed the puppies every hour and a half to two hours around the clock for at least two or three weeks or have a mother's milk."
Peacock had no dogs that fit the bill, but Beatrix, a rescue cat and new mother came to mind. "We discussed it and I said 'I know it can be done,' I don't know if she would take the dogs because this is one cat I have out here that doesn't like dogs," says Peacock.
But the moment that the first puppy was put in front of Beatrix, her maternal instincts kicked in. "She just kind of put her arms around them and pulled them up to her and started cleaning them," says Peacock, "and they started nursing and they're doing fine."

The owner of the puppies has decided to adopt Beatrix since she saved the lives of his puppies!  Read more at Central Texas Now.

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