Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Night At The Movies With Joey and Maggie

Grab your best guy or gal and cuddle up, it's movie night at The Long and Short of it All.  Kicking things off, it's Wiener Dog Race shot in Super 8 film, a new film by youtuber ksmudski who notes: Angel, Oregon's Octoberfest 2007 Wiener Dog Race Extravaganza! ! !

Is this "Dachshundspeak?" Wienerdog vs bowling ball by youtuber flying98dog who has this to say: Schroeder loves to chase balls - any ball. This one proved to be a bit frustrating as he can't get his mouth around it.

Next Stop:  Doxie Meetup 3-20-2010 Lincoln, CA by youtuber fourfeetfotos who would like to add: Roseville Dachshund Lovers Meetup at Fashion Fo Paws in Lincoln, CA

Bless our wise Senior Dachshunds.  This is Sycamore Creek feat RudyDog by youtuber jorgephoenix who fondly details: Rudy is 17 years old, a long-haired wiener dog. He was a rescue at 1 1/2 yo. He is half lame, almost completely deaf, I think one eye has a catacact maybe both, but he uses his nose I think to get around a lot, certainly to find me. He is still out there exploring Arizona with me and he loves it. This trip was for him.
The little bitty wiener dog is Hazel. She is barely 6 inches tall, 6 pounds, and I can lose her 10 feet way from me, so I usually put a blinker on her and try to keep her on the leash. She can curl up on a small paper plate, her front legs are the same length as my thumb.
Read more at the youtube link.

And finally, leave with a smile on your face tonight:  Puppies on the table by youtuber hakandahlstrom who must proclaim: Cute puppies on the kitchen table. Music by Ehma.

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curator said...

The puppies on the table slay me. Happy Easter, Joey and Maggie!

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