Monday, April 19, 2010

Retriever At Heart

Meet 9-month-old dappled 'Forest,' and and his human Gus Ruetenik, who hail from Zoar, Ohio, population 193.  They operate a tree farm together, and Forest has a knack of bringing all kinds of things he finds on the farm and setting them on the porch.  Most recently, he found a 10-carat silver ring with a light purple stone, which you can claim if it's yours!  Excerpt from the Times Reporter:

“I have no idea where the puppy found it or when it was dropped,” Ruetenik said. “Someone could have been cutting a Christmas tree and it fell off. Forest brings all kinds of stuff to me – gloves, hats, scarves, twigs, sticks and socks – and promptly lays them on the porch.”

Ruetenik has accumulated an entire drawer full of keys and no one has claimed them. He said 5th-graders from St. Paul’s Catholic School at North Canton visit the tree farm in November and help cut down trees to send to the military personnel overseas. He also has a pile of items, including jackets and sweatshirts, that children forgot to take home.
Forest understands his daily scouring is rewarding. With every item he finds and places on the porch, a treat awaits.

Thanks so much to our Los Angeles pal 'Pee Wee' for sending in this hugely entertaining story.  Read all about Forest at the Times Reporter.


Anonymous said...

It is said that dog's are happiest when they have a "job". Forest must be one happy dog especially when he gets a "treat as pay" after each well done job. Too cute!!

Anonymous said...

Forest is a gorgeous little guy! I wish him a long and happy life, filled with lots of things to find.

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