Thursday, April 8, 2010

Breeder Surrenders Eight Country Dogs to Nebraska Dachshund Rescue

Are you ready to meet Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Conway Twitty, and Reba McEntire, just to name a few?  Eight Dachshunds were recently surrendered by a breeder to Nebraska Dachshund Rescue, and they have all been named after Country Western singers!  Excerpt from Action 3 News:

The dogs were given to them from a dog breeder who could not take care of them. Rescue member Julie Siebler is happy the breeder gave up the dogs before the animals got sick. "She has fallen on hard times financially so appropriate care of the dog, the food, the health care and any health issues that could go wrong with the dog she was unable to afford," said Siebler. The rescue's network of dog foster parents showed up to rescue headquarters taking the dogs home until new families adopt them. Siebler believes dog owners falling on hard times need to do the same thing the breeder did, so pets are not neglected.

Get a long little doggie at Nebraska Dachshund Rescue.

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