Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rescue Spotlight: Nebraska Dachshund Rescue

Sometimes we get so caught up in all the Dachshund news that we forget to stop and take the time to thank all the hard-working folks involved in Dachshund Rescue.  These good folks live and breathe it every day - rescuing, fostering, providing medical care, transporting, re-homing - it's a full-time volunteer job, and boy is it appreciated. 
One such great group is Nebraska Dachshund Rescue.  They are a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization based out of Omaha, Nebraska, who rescued over 200 Dachshunds in 2009 and currently have over 50 dogs who are looking for their forever homes. They cover a wide area and have foster homes from Kansas, throughout southeastern Nebraska, and into western Iowa. They are Dachshund afficianados and are trying to rescue as many wonderful weenies as they can.

One such wonderful weenie is pictured here.  Her name is 'Quinn,' and she's a former puppymill dog.  She's what's known in the business as a "foster dog failure!"  Her foster mom, Leah Droge, who is also the Foster Director for NDR, decided to keep her as one of her own - and we certainly see why.  Read all about Quinn in the Happy Tails section of NDR. 

Please support Nebraska Dachshund Rescue or the Dachshund rescue organization of your choice. 


Debi & Ringo said...

Oh my, Quinn is such a beautiful girl! Looks like a little sweetie too. We can definitely understand why Leah decided to keep her!

Anonymous said...

Hip, Hip horay for rescue groups. These voiceless victims have a voice through them. 1 of my dachshunds (I have 3) was adopted through Canadian Dachshund Rescue. They are wonderful dedicated loving people. God Bless them all

angie said...

quinn reminds me of dash, who was a puppy mill stud! how precious!!!

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