Monday, March 29, 2010

Dachshund Lover and Fashion/Celebrity Photographer Peter Gowland Passes

vain Dachshund by Peter Gowland

Thanks so much to our friends 'Honey,' 'Teddy,' and 'Chili' for writing in with the news of the passing of photographer Peter Gowland.  Mr. Gowland was an innovative fashion photographer who invented elite cameras and equipment that he used to shoot pinups and and over 1,000 magazine covers over six decades.  He passed at 93 on March 17th.  Honey, Teddy, and Chili note:

The web site for him is outstanding, as you might expect, with the photos he took. (You don't take photos for a living if you are bad at it.)

What is even more outstanding, he was a doxie owner. You will find under "pets" near the bottom of the page, some pretty cute photos of his 'Dickie.'

Peter Gowland Official Site

Under the heading "Best Dog in the World" it is noted:

Dickie was the dog of my life; she could take orders and pose!
As a 4 year old, I lived in London with my grandparents (they owned dachshunds as well),
four doctors, two of which were sons of doctors. A few years later, Dickie came into my life.
She was smart and not a danger to children. Dickie was bought as a puppy;
she passed away under the bed covers next to Alice’s leg. [Alice was his wife]
Yes... she was some dog!

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doxieone said...

Thanks for posting this! I luved the photos of Dickie.

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