Tuesday, March 23, 2010

40 Dachshunds Rescued From Missouri Breeder


55 dogs were rescued on Monday morning from a breeder in Stone County, Missouri.  40 of those dogs were Dachshunds, but other breeds included Great Pyrenees, Beagles and mixed breeds.  The raided property is near the city of Hurley, in Southeast Missouri. The resident had tried for several months to obtain a breeder’s permit but had not been able to make the proper improvements required by the Department of Agriculture. A search warrant was obtained by the Stone County Sheriff’s Department and they, along with the Humane Society and the Missouri Department of Agriculture carried out the rescue.
Several of the dogs were extremely thin, while others had eye injuries and possible injuries to limbs.
The dogs will continue to be evaluated and cared for with some ready for adoption after a March 31 disposition hearing.
Read more at Fox 2 Now.

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