Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Happy Ending For Sweet Pete - He Sells At Auction For $325

Personally, we think he's worth more than that, but we're happy to report that Pete, the Idaho Dachshund who was abandoned at the vet's office with a $692 bill, has found his perfect forever home after being sold at auction yesterday for $325.  Apparently 7 or 8 good folks showed up to the auction to claim the sweet black and tan boy.  He will keep his given name 'Pete.'  The winning bidder, Lamar ‘Marty” Gillette said “My sister has two of 'em, an Archie and a Tuffy. And she heard I was gonna come over and bid on Pete today, and she says don't come home without him. And so my wife says don't come home if ya got him. Just kidding.”  Source.

Don't miss the news video at Local News 8.


Nola said...

Bless Mr Gillette's heart for adopting Pete! I know he will be blessed many times over by the affection he will get from Pete!
Shame, shame, shame on the irresponsible humans who abandoned Pete; what goes around comes around, so they are due for some BAD karma!
Thank goodness the auction wasn't near me, or I fear my dear little Chili would have himself a new brother! I'm a sucker for those sweet little brown eyes!

Sandra said...

Oh yay! I was actually worrying about Pete yesterday and hoping you'd be able to give us and update. I am super happy for him and his new family. I wish them all the best.

Anonymous said...

Both comments up above reflected my thoughts. God Bless the family who adopted Pete, he will certainly have fun with Archie and Tuffy. I to was worried about who would pick him up. Thanks for the update. Have a great life Pete, you are so cute.

Cynthia said...

Yes, have a great life Pete. You certainly deserve it!

Jablana said...

Way to go Pete!!!!
Noew show him who's boss...:D

I wish them both a happy co-existance!

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