Friday, March 12, 2010

After Years on the Streets and Eluding Authorities, Dachsie Mix Finally Gets His Home

Meet 'Ike.'  This pretty longhair black and tan Dachshund mix has been living on the streets of Ruston, Louisiana for several years now; he is believed to be a lost soul from Hurricane Ike, which hit the area in September of 2008.  Since then, he's been a bit of an urban legend, often seen in the grass along I-20, scavenging for food or maybe even a helping hand.  Excerpt from the Ruston Daily Leader:

A Sexton Animal Clinic employee who previously worked for Ruston Animal Control said officials had tried to catch the dog in the past, but he ignored traps set to catch him and ran from anyone who even appeared to be trying to catch him.
But recently, both good and bad luck finally caught up to “Ike,” injuring him but setting him up with a brighter future and more comfortable home in the long run.
The longhaired dachshund mix had finally been hit by a car and picked up injured along I-20.
Ike’s new home will be with City of Ruston employee Pat Doane and her husband.
“I’ve noticed the dog sitting on I-20 for years,” Doane said. “He’d just sit and watch, like he’s a hunting dog waiting for his owner’s truck to come by. I had called Animal Control about him and knew about him, so when an Animal Control employee came by our office last week, he told me what had happened and that the dog was at the Sexton Clinic.”
Doane, who said she went out and bought supplies last night and will bring Ike to his new home today, said she thought about the dog for a couple of days and “couldn’t stand it any longer, so I went and checked on him and fell in love with him.”

Wow.  It's finally Ike's time to be loved again.  Read all about him at the Ruston Daily Leader.


Anonymous said...

What a happy ending for Ike. Way to boy!!! Have a wonderful life with your new family.

Anonymous said...

Our "Hurricane" Ike says 'Woof' to this lucky Hurricane Ike! All dachsies (and dachsie mixes) should be loved!

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