Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Putzi and the Fish

Putzi the famous Palm Beach Dachshund got a fish.  See more videos of 'Putzi' at her youtube site:  Putzi Channel.

And speaking of Dachshunds and raw fish, or at least Dachshund mixes and raw fish, meet 'Della,' a cute Dachshund-Boxer mix who hails from Lake Elsinore, California.  Della found herself with a serious illness after eating some remnants of a raw trout her dad had caught while fishing.  The trout was infected with a parasite leading to what is commonly known as 'salmon poisoning' in dogs.  If caught in time it can be treated, but it is often fatal to dogs.  Oddly the parasite is harmless to humans.  Read all about Della's dilemma at The Press-Enterprise. 

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Anonymous said...

Luved the video of Putzi, fun stuff!!!

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