Monday, March 22, 2010

Who Is This Famous Hot Dog?

You've no doubt seen this photo on the net before.  A simple google photo search for 'hot dog' will bring her up, and she's been on every Dachshund discussion board, every facebook page, every twitter page, and yes, even here on The Long and Short of it All!  But who is she?  We certainly didn't know when we posted her photo, and attributed her image to "unknown viral photo." 
Well, she's unknown no more.  Her name is 'Nellie,' she hails from Spotsylvania, Virginia, her human is Lisa Cover-Tucci, and has her scoop:

Nellie was no bigger than an adult mouse when she was born prematurely, three years ago in May. She was the only one in the litter to survive after her mother's uterus ruptured, and her owners had to break open the sac that surrounded her and rub life into her.
"She is pretty special to us," Lisa said.
When Nellie was about 5 months old--and still a squirt, even by miniature dachshund standards--Lisa and her husband, Michael Tucci, had a stale hot dog bun in the kitchen.
They wondered if Nellie would fit it in. They put the crumbling bun around her tube-shaped body, with her head popping out the front and her tail, the back.
Lisa posted it on her Facebook page.
"Everybody thought it was absolutely hilarious," said Lisa, whose friends loved it.

Read all about Nellie and see more pics of the hot little girl at


Jablana said...

That is the sweetest pic ever...

Scott said...

The only thing missing is the ketchup!

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