Monday, March 15, 2010

28 Dachshunds Dumped at Fairfield County Ohio Shelter Over Last 18 Months

Meet one of the latest Dachshunds to be abandoned at the Fairfield County Humane Society in Lancaster, Ohio.  This Dachshund is one of 5 who were left there on Friday night, "soaked to the skin and scared."  Excerpt from 10 TV News:

The long-haired Dachshunds showed signs of neglect, like unclipped nails and rotting teeth.
"We have had this happen several times in the last 18 months, and I think a total of 28 in that time have been dropped off," said Carol Patzkowsky, the executive director of the Fairfield Area Humane Society.
The dogs are all the same breed, which leads authorities to believe that the same person is to blame.
"Have to pretty much suspect they came from someone who used them for breeding," said Huffman.
Officials are concerned that there are more where these dogs came from.
"That's why we'd like the public if they have any clue where these dogs came from, we'd like them to give us a call so we can investigate the situation and see if there's other dogs that need help," Huffman said.

We're woofless.  Read more and watch the news video at 10 TV News. 

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Anonymous said...

It always breaks my heart to see these little voiceless victims. I can't help scooping up my beloved rescued dachshunds when I get home and tell them how safe they now are and will always be safe. We hope these little angels will also find safe, loving fur-ever homes.

Anonymous said...

This is my hometown. How sad. Maybe I can get my mom to go adopt one, she needs a dachshund since I moved out and took my two with me.

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