Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Note from Joey and Maggie: Spring!

Ahhh, sweet, sweet, memories of Spring.  We were just about 3 months old in this photo taken 9 years ago.  Joey had lots of hair, and Maggie was a lot less jaded than she is today. 
We love the chance to go for long walks in the park whenever the weather is nice, so it has been a great week.  But Mother Nature played a cruel trick on us in Chicago - it was nearing 70 degrees several days this last week when the weekend turned sour with freezing rain and snow!   Joey was just beside himself when he saw the wet snow was back.  Maggie is a happy girl regardless, although she's not looking forward to the Spring thunderstorms. But all is well; we know those warm sunny days are just a few weeks away.  While we'll miss the glorious rays of sunshine in the south-facing windows, we welcome those same rays in the west windows.  Life is good.
Meanwhile, we've been busy with site updates for The Long and Short of it All.  We swtiched a few things around, added some new features, and tried to stick to our favorite colors - did someone say "Black and Tan?"  And we kept a little aqua for mid-century vintage good measure.  The header photo is a little too big for our liking, but the new format requires a large photo.  Mabye we'll get used to it or come up with some alternative. 
Thanks for all the great submissions lately - we're a bit behind on our email - so much so that it's going to take several weeks to catch up!  We offer our humblest apologies if we can't get back to you right away - and some submissions we miss altogether, although it is never our intent, and we're extremely sorry.  More great things are on the way, we promise!
And while Spring is a time of renewal, and as we come upon our 3rd-year anniversary at The Long and Short of it All, it's often good to look back at our primary goals and aspirations here:

"To update this site almost every day with Dachshund news from around the world, Dachshund stories, videos, famous Dachshunds, photos, and history. We hope to keep everything stress free and ad free....just a fun place for Dachshund lovers to kick back, relax, (with your doxie on your lap!) and read all about fun Dachshund hyjinx."

We hope we're staying on course.  Thanks for sticking with us!  Celebrate Spring!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Joey and Maggie!
Spring came... and I guess it is confused about the temps it must brought!
I like how your blog looks!
Kisses and hugs

kalyxcorn said...

me likey da changes! White/black/aqua/yellow is a fine color combination! so sorry mother nature is teasing you, but real spring will be here soon enough. :)

Jablana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jablana said...

Hello Joey and Maggie!

Thanks for including us in your big family and
congratulations on a site anniversary... Keep up the good work and enjoy the spring sunshine...


Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Joey & Maggie
We're experiencing the same weather. One day we are snoozing out in the sun, the next day snow.
We love the new blog look & header.
Thinking spring up north.
Love Ruby & Penny

Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE NEW PICS! Actually, I love EVERYTHING about your website! THANKS!

cheyne923 said...

Oh to run free through fields of green! Still, the sun is out today and Jeeves is getting over the shock of the Saturday snow. Love the new look, including color choices. Jeeves and m

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