Monday, March 15, 2010

Homes Needed for Four Blind Dachshund Puppies from Ohio Puppy Mill


If your can open your heart any wider, these cute, blind, and possibly deaf puppies need a loving home.  They are located at the Saint Francis Animal Sanctuary Inc. in Vermilion, Ohio.  Excerpt from Fox 8 News:

Director Deborah Parker says careless breeding left a litter of puppies blind. They were born with a condition called Microphthalmia, which happens when two dachshunds with the dominant "dapple" gene, are breeded together.
"We're looking for homes for these puppies and we want to make sure they go to good, loving homes. Their life expectancy can be 15 years. Even though they are blind, they can live a normal life. They just need love and patience with someone who's willing to work with them," Parker told Fox 8 News.

Read all about these special souls at Saint Francis Animal Sanctuary Inc.


3 doxies said...

Oh we saw this on another blog as well. Talk about irresponsible's horrible.
PS. we have entered the world of blogging

Ruby and Penny said...

They do look happy and healthy. We hope they find homes real soon.
Love Ruby & Penny

Kabreea said...

They are SO cute!!! I wish I had the time to dedicate to them :(

Anonymous said...

Rolling Dog Ranch just took in 2 dogs just like these. When, when will people learn. The almighty dollar is just too tempting. It makes me cry.

Northern Star said...

They are gorgeous! They look healthy and full of life I hope they find the loving homes they deserve.

Anonymous said...

Oh geez! I live in Ohio and want to adopt them so badly! I can't take in puppies right now... please someone ADOPT THEM!

sbelle said...

Oh, they are beautiful! I would take them if we lived closer...

Anonymous said...

They all got loving, happy homes!

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