Monday, March 29, 2010

"Loddie" by Michael Williams

Freaky Figuration: Egged on by various amalgams of psychedelic and outsider art, Surrealism and Neo-Expressionism — not to mention Philip Guston, Dana Schutz, Martin Kippenberger and Thomas Trosch and Katherine Bernhardt — many painters are veering from the hallucinatory to the naïve and back again. In Michael Williams’s “Loddie” (2007), it is a Dachshund, not Alice in Wonderland, that gets very big.
Read more about the Modernist insistence on the separation of of representation and abstraction in painting (huh? - we just like this piece of art!) at The New York Times.
Thanks to our friend 'Clancy' for sending in the link!

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cheyne923 said...

I love this! And I understand the art speak as well:-)
I also love the new 'might also like' images and links. m and j

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