Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Missing Dachshund Stolen With Truck Back Home After 2 Months

Welcome Home 'Brownie!'  What an ordeal this sweet Buckeye, Arizona, dappled girl and her human Lynda have been through.  Lynda's truck was stolen in January with Brownie inside.  And this happened right after Lynda's husband will killed in a motorcycle accident.  Brownie was more her husband's dog, as Lynda stated:  “This was his dog and before he had teased me about if anything happened to him I had to keep the dog,”
Thankfully a good samaritan spotted Brownie running through traffic, and her microchip led to her return home. 
“I guess this shows you don't give up. There are kind people in the world,” Lynda said.
Read all about Brownie's ordeal at ABC 15.


curator said...

Oh my goodness! How glad I am that poor little Brownie is home!

Debi and Ringo said...

We're so happy to hear that Brownie is back at home and safe now!

Anonymous said...

Little Brownie looks very happy to be home. She sure missed her toys too.

Jablana said...

Welcome home Brownie!

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