Friday, March 19, 2010

Wiener Dog Drama

If you like drama, you'll love this story.  Us?  Not so much.  According to News 4 Jax, a war of words has erupted between The National Dachshund Races out of Findlay, Ohio, and the North Florida Doxie Days races.  Here's an excerpt:

Dale Fisher will host a dachshund race at the St. Johns County Fairgrounds to raise money for the local 4H club. He said he contacted Toni Gossard, the founder of the National Dachshund Races to see if they would like to help out.
He said Gossard agreed, and Fisher said he will pay for her travel expenses from Ohio to St. Augustine. In exchange, Gossard would provide a dog racing track and her 10 years of dog racing experience.
As the plans were laid out, Fisher said the expenses became more than he could handle.
"As the months went by, as we started to develop this more, it went into multiples of thousands of dollars," he said.
Fisher said when Gossard asked for half of the money up front, it went beyond his 4H Club budget. Fisher said he canceled his deal with Gossard and planned to go forward with the races without her help. That is when he said the war of words began through e-mail.

And that's where we stop excerpting, but if you like drama, read it all at News 4 Jax.  Is this really news? 

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Jessica said...

It's sad to see something that is meant to be fun tarnished by money issues. This is the first event like this in North Florida. I am taking my mini dachshund to the race tomorrow. Hopefully everything will turn out okay.

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