Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spork: Saved

We're pleased to report that 'Spork,' the Colorado red smooth Dachshund who had an uncertain future after biting a vet tech, got a reprieve yesterday.  A judge gave Spork a 6 month deferred prosecution, which means that as long as he is a good doggie for 6 months, and doesn't injure anyone, all charges will be dropped.  And we know you'll be a good boy, right Spork?  Excerpt from the Daily Camera:

"I'm glad it's over with, and I'm glad our dog is safe for now," Spork's owner Kelly Walker said after the hearing. "Emotionally, this has been hard on everyone involved."
Tim and Kelly Walker said they feel bad about the pain the veterinary worker went through.
"But we feel an apology is afforded us, too," Tim Walker said. "We feel we weren't afforded the protection we should have been."

In a statement released from his lawyers, Mr. Walker says:

“We are relieved that Spork is out of danger for the moment,” said Tim Walker, owner of Spork. “While we know that we would have prevailed in court, this case has been incredibly upsetting for our family. We are happy that we will be able to return to a normal life and know that this misguided case against us will be dropped in a determined number of months. We thank all the friends we know and don’t know for their support during this ordeal.”

Read more at the Daily Camera or at The Animal Law Center.

This story has been extremely troubling from all angles.  We're glad that it's over, and that Spork, seen here going for a car ride, can go on with his life - playing with toys, chasing squirrels, napping in the sun - doing what Dachshunds do best.  (photo from facebook's Save Spork)  Thanks to everyone who has sent in updates on this story along the way.


Roxie said...

Glad it turned out well for you Spork. Now just be good and tolerate the vet and the vet tech's, they love you and are just trying to help.

Coloradolady said...

So glad for Spork...I have been worried about the little guy....I don't have to worry about Spork being "good", I am sure he is always good, just not when he feels threatened!

SojournerSamson said...

If she had said she was was compelled to press charges by insurance or workman's comp,it would be more understandable,but her explanation does not pass the smell test. If Spork were my dog I would not take him to a vet for six months ,or use a muzzle,in an emergency.

kalyxcorn said...

thank goodness. maybe next time the tech will remember to use a muzzle.

Anonymous said...

Its not over yet any nip or anything he will go down, it should have been dropped all together. She is concerned about children, News Flash if you know anything about this breed, there are not small children friendly. Even at our play group, ive seen a kid bite becouse he was teasing a dog with a toy. my boy's alot of times i will not let them go near small children, til there instructed on how to let the dogs approach them and know their in no danger. She needs to be educated or in a new profession!!

Anonymous said...

Good news. Glad to hear Spork is given a 2nd chance. Muzzle up Spork when at the vets, that way you protect yourself and your humans!!

I agree, this breed is not "child friendly". OK there are exceptions to the rule. Look on any rescue group who have a blurb "about the dachshund", they all mention caution around kids, as some dachies have high prey instincts and see kids as prey and also kids move fast so they tend to frighten the pup and the pup will react out of fear.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Minnesota Makes this woman labeled as a Vicious Animal and request to put her Down!!!

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