Monday, April 12, 2010

Those Special Dachshunds: Happy Birthday Samson!

(click any photo to enlarge and admire)

Looks like this handsome guy had an awesome 1st Birthday yesterday.  Happy Birthday 'Samson!'  Thanks to Samson's mom, Kate Fletcher, for taking such beautiful photos.  Samson himself writes:

Hi Joey and Maggie!

Today is my 1st Birthday and my mom helped me celebrate with peanut butter cake and a photo shoot at the local gardens! She says that I am the most adorable dachshund in the world and wanted me to share my photos. Thanks for the awesome blog-- my mom shows me the pictures and photos every day without fail! Hope you enjoy my garden photos as much as I enjoyed smelling all the flowers! Gotta run, I got to grab another piece of cake!

-Sir Samson the Stout

PS: I also am including a photo from when I was 3 days old!..Look how big I've gotten!
Top Dog

This is the life

Little Samson at three days old


Anonymous said...

You are one handsome dog Samson. Happy Birthday!!

teresa said...

What a good lookin' wiener. Happy Birthday :)

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with Samson. Happy Birthday!!!!

Lilli said...

My mum shows me the photos on here too!

Are you black and tan like me because you look dark brown in the photos? Very special!

the "florkens" said...

Samson is registered as a black and tan dapple. His coloring is very unique--a lot of his dapple disappeared as he got older, but a little is left on his flank and his chest. His main colors now are kind of a dark chocolate with very faint tan markings.

I'm glad you all love him like I do! :)

Haley said...

Happy B-day!

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