Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Those Special Dachshunds in Heaven: Sally

Thanks so much to Jim Eicher for sending in such funny and heartwarming photos of his beautiful beloved 'Sally,' who waits for him and his family at the Rainbow Bridge.  Our hearts go out to you.  Jim writes:

Hi there Joey and Maggie,

My wife and I have been reading your excellent blog for some time now. We had a beautiful 13-year-old red Dachshund (Sally) until last October when we had to put her down. My wife had her when we met eight years ago, and being a weimaraner guy, I didn't expect to get SO attached to her. Funny how that happens. Even though we still have two weimaraners, our house feels so empty without Sally in it. It's interesting how such a little dog can have such a large presence.

We hope to get another Doxie in time; it's just too early right now.

Thanks for your great blog, and all the best to you.

Sally = Happiness


Anonymous said...

Dear Jim E., Sympathy and empathy for your doxie is Baron and I love him so much...imagining life without him...

Anonymous said...

Our sympathy to you and yours. Sally had a good life, she was very loved.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet frosty face!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the thoughts and comments guys.


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