Monday, June 6, 2011

WIENERGATE: How To Properly Post Photos Of Your Wiener on the Net

'Cali' and her human Ken Calvert

There's no mistaking our bleeding-heart liberal ways, but our pal Representative Anthony D. Weiner (D - NY) could sure take some notes from our pal Representative Ken Calvert (R-CA) on how to post photos of your wiener on the net. 
There was no drama... - just smiles and contentment when Mr. Calvert recently posted the above photo on his facebook page of his beloved 'Cali,'' wearing her Lakers' pride for all to see. 

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Holly Diane said...

Love this! Had to share on twitter and facebook!

impromptublogger said...

For one thing I wouldn't pronounce the Cong. name "wiener' I would pronounce it Weiner as in "wine". He is defaming our good name!

The Lefties from Indiana said...

Bleeding-heart liberal ways? More reason for us to love your blog!

~Shar, Sawyer, and Abby

Alicia said...

The arrogant and snarky representative from NY does indeed pronounce the name improperly, as the name is based upon the city Wien, or as we know it, Vienna.
No matter.

Rep. Ken Calvert has a lovely pup!!

Anonymous said...

That dachshund has a pretty color....Deep cream, maybe? I've never seen one that shade before.

Anonymous said...

That color in dachshunds is known as Isabella

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