Friday, February 25, 2011

Going Back To Cali: Our Favorite Dog On Capitol Hill

You may remember pretty red smooth 'Cali' from last summer when The Washington Post did a photo exposé of the dogs who roam the halls of our Washington, D.C. Capitol Hill.  'Cali' is named after her home state of California, and calls Rep. Ken Calvert (R) her human.  POLITICO is now offering up a series of video tributes to to these real movers and shakers (and shedders and chasers) in the corridors of power.  First up?  Our pal Cali.  You can read more about her at POLITICO.  Thanks so much to Liz Scheffler for sending in the link. 


ChristaV said...

This little dog has to contribute some much-needed sanity to the corridors of power... What a cutie. Well-loved. Great to see.

Muffy said...

OMG. Adorable. Makes me proud to be a Californian. HAHAHA! Love this!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to know a Darling Dachshund is in charge in Washington DC! Maybe she could "hound" some politicians into doing their jobs!

jacqueline said...

LOVE this! So sweet! I would vote for that guy just because....! Regardless of political party :)

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