Wednesday, February 23, 2011

All About Adele's Louie

Singer Adele speaks candidly to PEOPLEPets about her beloved red smooth Dachshund 'Louie.'  Thank the good lord above she didn't name him Britney!  She says:  Adele, 22, tells that her first choice for the male pup's moniker was Britney. "He was born on the night I went to see Britney Spears at the O2 in London," she reveals in the clip above. "I almost called him Britney even though he was a boy. [But] it only lasted a few hours until my hangover stopped."
Other options included Aaron Lennon, one of the singer's favorite soccer stars, but once the pooch started howling along to a Louis Armstrong record, Adele knew she had to name him Louie — with an "e." Next year, she plans to get a second dog and name her Ella, after the jazz star Fitzgerald.
Louie, who has lots of four-legged "mates," has had many adventures in his 19 months of life. Recently, he was attacked by a Jack Russell terrier in the park across from Adele's home, and ever since, refuses to revisit the grassy spot. "I bought a house right opposite a park … for him to go for a walk in every day," she laments.

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Anonymous said...

How I wish Adele would consider a rescue Dachshund �� for Louie :)

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