Monday, February 28, 2011

How To Live To Be 100: Keep A Dachshund At Your Side And Drink A Little Gin

Meet handsome red longhair 'Wally,' and his human Gladys Taaffe, who hail from Chipperfield, England.  We send the warmest of birthday wishes to Mrs. Taaffe, who turns 100 years old today.  When asked by the Watford Observer what keeps her young at heart, the sprightly grandmother says:  “I used to have a sherry every day, but what keeps me going now, apart from my Dachshund Wally, is a good gin and tonic.”

Go Gladys (and Wally)!!


Anonymous said...

Happy 100th Birthday wonderful that you have "Wally" and a good gin and tonic to keep you young! My red longhair "Baron" sends you and Wally greetings too!

curator said...

She does not look 100 at all, looks a good 20 years younger if you ask me! Which goes to show the excellent life giving properties of G&Ts and pets!

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