Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday Phoebe!

May bones rain from the sky!  Thanks so much to this cute little black and tan gal for writing in about her special day:

Hello Joey and Maggie!

Just wanted to share my birthday picture with you--I turned 10 on February 13 and with all the excitement of Valentines Day and the Westminster Kennel Club Show, this is the first opportunity I could get to send you a photo. We had a great party Sunday evening with a couple of special guests, dachshund birthday cards, presents (lots of new plush toys to chase and squeak!) and a special birthday dinner of raw carrots and stew meat-Woof! Glad to see you are both doing well--hopefully the snow is melting and spring will come for you soon!


Northern Virginia

Here's to many more Phoebe!


Anonymous said...

Hey Hey Phoebe, Happy Birthday! You're looking good in that hat! Wishing you many many more birthdays, love ya, Baron

curator said...

Well happy birthday Phoebe! and many more too!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Pheobe and many mooooore!!!!

Your looken good!!!

Haley said...

Happy B-day!

Alicia said...

Oh Phoebe, you look like a darling little girl! Happiest Birthday and may you and your family enjoy many more.


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