Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Celebrity" Dachshund Watch: Snookie vs Nellie!

We first posted photos of everyone's favorite guidette Snookie with a Dachshund puppy a few weeks ago, and our readers, like us, weren't too thrilled thinking that the train wreck known as Snookie could actually properly care for a little furry one - much less a Dachshund.  Stop, take a deep breath, and relax, because the Dachshund in question, 'Nellie,' is owned by a shop keeper in Italy where the new season of Jersey Shore is being filmed.  Shew!  Excerpt from Teddy Hilton:

Snooki's Newest Feud!

We thought the cast of The Jersey Shore was getting along so well with their Italian friends.
But it appears that Nelly, the shop keeper's wiener dog who hangs near where the guidos "work," has started drama with the Shores' smallest cast member.
The dog stole Snooki's Pinocchio doll from inside the O' Vesuvio Pizzeria and chewed it and ran around with it before giving the nose a nibble - and Snooks look purdy pissed!
We hope there is a whole episode dedicated to this in the upcoming season.

We do too.

Gotta admit, this is too cute.

See lots of photos over at Teddy Hilton.

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Haley said...

That little doxie puppy looks just like mine!

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