Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Anthony Weiner’s Apology Speech (Presented By Guilty Looking Dachshunds)

If you have five seconds to spare, head on over to BuzzFeed and read the entirety of Anthony Weiner's apology speech as presented by guilty looking Dachshunds.  As they note:  This is the most adorable way to read it.


Jayne D. and AnnieBelle said...

Totally enjoyable and perfect, guilty-looking doxies!! Good smile for the day!! Thank you!! Jayne and Annie

Shar said...

Maggie's first photo from yesterday would have been a perfect fit for this pictoral rendition of Rep. Wiener's speech. She couldn't have looked more miserable or cuter!

Alison said...

I was thinking the same thing Shar. Maybe Rep. Wiener should have to wear the collar of shame!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know Honey was used for this. It REALLY is a funny series... They link a credit to me, now.
Liz K

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