Friday, June 17, 2011

How I Became A Doxieholic: Meet Hatcher and Hamilton!

Who's Handsome?  Hatcher....

....and Hamilton!

We can't thank Kristi Jeter, who hails from Dallas, Texas enough for sending in such beautiful photos of her beloved black and tan longhair boys (and their Chihuahua brother!).  And the story of this Dachshund family is just so heartwarming that it really needs no introduction; just grab a Doxie, put him on your lap, and enjoy!

Dear Joey and Maggie,

After the death of my beloved yorkie, I began to contemplate what breed of dog I would like to bring into my home to be a friend to my Chihuahua, Julius. I looked on almost daily at all of the small dogs, but still couldn’t decide. Then one day a friend brought over his two dachshunds, both black and tan, one smooth coat and one long haired. They were so adorable and so loving, and I was immediately smitten. The next day I began searching Petfinder for the perfect dachshund boy. I very quickly located a long haired black and tan that was being fostered by a rescue group near my home. A few long phone conversations with his foster mom, and he was ours. My daughter and I picked him up and brought him home to his new daddy, my husband Mark. Mark had never owned his “own” dog. All previous pets had been mine, our daughter’s or my son’s. Mark had the task of giving this new boy his new name and chose “Hatcher” after his favorite hockey player, Darian Hatcher. Darian is known as a bit of a fighter in the hockey world, and so does our Hatcher have his feisty side. I never knew my husband had the capacity to love a dog so much. I jealously watched them snuggle on the couch together watching sports, and anytime I couldn’t find Hatcher, there he was at his daddy’s side. Even though I love our Chihuahua, I wanted a dachshund of my own, too. And thus began the search…

Months and months of searching Petfinder resulted in nothing but frustration. I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for, but knew that I would know him when I saw him. I looked all over Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma to no avail. I definitely wanted to rescue a dachshund, rather than purchase from a breeder. After returning from a vacation in Savannah, I had an idea. I loved visiting Georgia and sure wouldn’t mind a trip back. Could it be that my boy was waiting for me there?

More searching of Petfinder ensued, this time focusing on the Atlanta area where I have family. That was how I found DREAM Dachshund Rescue, and the little boy that is now the love of my life. Once I clicked on that little thumbnail photo of the boy they called Samson, it was love at first sight. When I read his story and found out he had been rescued from an abusive situation, I knew that I had to make it my mission to make sure the rest of his life was spent being spoiled and pampered.

I quickly emailed the folks at DREAM, and just as quickly had my hopes dashed. They were leery about accommodating an adoption so far away. What if it didn’t work out, they wanted to know. Not work out? There is no such thing with me, I assured them. A letter writing campaign from friends and family and many, many phone calls from me finally convinced them to let me come meet Samson. I happily made the drive from Dallas to Atlanta (13 hours each way) sure that they would let me bring him home.

When we arrived at the foster mom’s home, I was reassured again that I had made the right choice. Samson, having had a pretty hard life up to now, was afraid of strangers. It took some patience, but he finally allowed me to hold him. By that night, he was snuggling with me and giving me kisses. I chose the name Hamilton for him. Like Hatcher, he is named after a beloved sports figure – my favorite Texas Ranger baseball player, Josh Hamilton. Josh had overcome some serious drug and alcohol abuse issues to become major league baseball’s MVP. I knew that Hamilton would be my own MVP… Most Valuable Pup!

And, oh how he and Hatcher get along! My goodness, you would swear those two are brothers. From the very beginning, they romped and played and wrestled. They have several of these sessions daily, and it’s always so fun to watch. I know that Hamilton feels loved and safe, but there is no way he can know what he has done for me. I go to sleep each night like salami in a dachshund sandwich; Hamilton on my left and Hatcher on my right, between his beloved daddy and me. Julius the Chihuahua rounds out the group at my knees, under the covers just like his doxie brothers. It’s so funny how much Julius has taken on the dachshund personality. I’m certain that he is happy that I brought his two brothers home.

So that is the story of how I became a Doxieholic. I will never again be without at least two Doxies. My husband and I will travel to Georgia later this year for DREAM Rescue’s Halloweenie event. Who knows? Maybe we'll find a third dachshund to bring home! 

Kristi (right) with her daughter Kaitlin, and all three boys at Hamilton’s foster home in Atlanta.


Anonymous said...

They are adorable!!! Didn't take you long to know that dachshunds are like potato chips, you can't have just one.

Jayne D. and AnnieBelle said...

What a wonderful, heartwarming
doxie story - another person totally smitten by one of God's most perfect creatures. May you all enjoy a long happy life together!! Kindly, Jayne and Annie

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Hatcher and Hamilton!

jnorton80 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Belgie said...

It was a nice story to read how you became a Doxieholic. The picture of Hatcher looks very cute.

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