Monday, June 20, 2011

A Year Later: Dachshund Heroine Fritzie Saves Her Mom's Life

This'll start your week off with a bang.  Meet 3-year-old pretty red smooth 'Fritzie,' and her mom Clara Lynch, who hail from Dobbin, Texas.  Mrs. Lynch was making her way into the kitchen for a drink in the wee hours of Father's Day 2010 when she collapsed on the floor from a brain aneurysm.  She probably wouldn't be here today to talk about it, had it not been for her little heroine.  Excerpt from Your Conroe:

“I had never had a seizure or any type of health problem like this before,” said Clara. “I don’t remember a thing, but doctors said if I had lain on the floor all night, I probably wouldn’t have survived.”
Moments later, her husband Sam was awakened by Fritzie’s incessant barking.
“This wasn’t the type of barking she would do at a cat or a noise outside,” he said. “She climbed onto the bed and got right in my face – she wouldn’t stop until I got up.”
When Sam did get up, Fritzie led him directly to the kitchen where he discovered Clara and called for an ambulance. The trip from their remote area of Dobbin was slowed by a stalled train blocking a crossing, but Clara was eventually transported to the hospital for treatment.

Way to go Fritzie!  Read all about this little gal and the perceptiveness of animals at Your Conroe.

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