Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Weather Report With Keith Carson

What's the weather like in Bangor, Maine?  Let's check in with our favorite meteorologist Keith Carson at WLBZ2 and find out:

My miniature dachshund Reeses is NOT digging this weather. See, he has a very specific problem that not every dog has to deal with...he gets wet even if it isn't raining. Through the wonders of German canine engineering he is about 30" long yet has only 1" of clearance between the ground and his chest (he is so barrel chested that I joke he's like one of those meathead guys who only works on his pecs and lets his legs stay tiny and thin). So all this gloomy, foggy, misty weather is a real killer for him...he's had several BAD hair days.
There will be slow improvement over the next few days with showers becoming more scattered and breaks of sun becoming more numerous.
Tuesday will offer some slight improvement as the upper level disturbance responsible for our unsettled weather slides a bit further south. As this happens I expect more breaks of sunshine statewide, and especially over the northern half of Maine.

By the way THIS is what Reeses looks like when he's wet. It reminds me of "The Princess Bride"....rodents of unusual size.

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