Wednesday, June 3, 2009

'The Long and Short of it All' is Brought to You by:

FLINTKOTE: One Stop Shopping for Home Improvement.

No need to go store to store wasting time you could spend improving your home! One stop at your Flintkote dealer and you carry away most everything it takes to add that new wing or sun porch, or finish the basement or attic. Wallboard, siding, roofing, gypsum products, insulation board and wool, floor tile and adhesives, even a factory built chimney! A coating to freshen up and protect the driveway? Cement to fix the back porch steps? See your Flintkote dealer! He coordinates your you tips on what to buy. See him right away. He's listed in the Yellow Pages of your phone book.

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doxie mama said...

These vintage ads are so great. Thanks for sharing.

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