Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dachshund Survives Snake Bite After Blood Transfusion From Homeless Yellow Labrador

Talk about Dachshund and dog stories that just melt your heart. Meet 3-year-old smooth black and tan 'Buddy,' who hails from Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Buddy went after a surly water moccasin he spotted near the fenced-in pond behind his family's home, and the snake struck him in the eyebrow. It didn't look like Buddy was going to pull through until the vets at Companion Animal Hospital tried a risky blood transfusion with a homeless yellow labrador at the hospital named 'Fergie.' Thanks to the hospital's expert care, Buddy is doing well, and Fergie is available for adoption.
Read all about it, and see some amazing photos at nwfdailynews.

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