Monday, May 28, 2007

Welcome to The Long and Short of it All!

Hi, my name is Carson, and I am owned by these two wonderful dachshunds, Maggie and Joey. They are littermates and are 6.5 years old. I've had dachshunds most of my life, and love the breed. I'm not quite sure yet where this dachshund blog is headed; I hope to update every day with dachshund news, stories, videos, pics, and history.

I'm also co-moderator and member of Chicago Dachshund Lovers. We're a caring fun-loving group that meets up together every month since 2004.


ChristaV said...

Carson, congrats! Beautiful. Tasteful. What gives?
All we need is the absurdity factor, which comes naturally in a short amount of time w/doxies!

Anonymous said...

Carson, Your Blog is Terrific! That pic of Maggie & Joey is absolutely beautiful. Shows what Gorgeous, Wonderful, Sweet, Loving dogs they really are. Lisa

kalyxcorn said...

day one! what a wonderful journey you and joey n maggie have taken us on.

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