Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dachshund Relaxation: Choxie the Doxie Digs Gardening

Meet red smooth rescue 'Choxie,' who hails from Chicago Ridge, Illinois. Choxie has a green thumb, er....paw, as he really loves to garden. Excerpt from the Herald News: When his human heads into the back yard to harvest tomatoes and cucumbers, Choxie helps out.
The 2-year-old is particularly good at sniffing out ripe cucumbers.
He nuzzles his way between the foliage, locates the produce, snaps one off the vine and then, well, runs to the other side of the yard and eats it.

Read all about Choxie the Doxie at the Herald News.
Are there any other doxies out there who like to garden? It's a favorite pastime of your Long and Short of it All hosts to help out dad in the garden. We find that there's nothing better than burying our head deep in a bag of fresh organic soil and stealing a big mouthful! Your host Joey will never forget the time he picked off a fresh hot jalapeño pepper!


Anonymous said...

Sampson loves to pick ripe tomatoes and cukes too! I find it funny how he won't touch the ones that are not ready too. I wonder how they know? And I just pictured Joey's face when he got a hold of the hot pepper! lol

Anonymous said...

Mine likes to eat raspberries - go figure. He'll pick the ripe ones right off the cane and munch away on them...

Charlotte said...

Our Xena loves to pull out carrots from our garden! Glad to see there are so many other doxies who love "gardening."

Anonymous said...

My beautiful dear departed Rumpelstiltskin, Supreme Dog, used to eat cherry tomatoes from the garden. He was particularly fond of tomatoes, especially when I had them growing in pots on the deck. He'd trot right up in a stealthy manner and reach with his long sneaky snout, or, he'd sit up on his stout little haunches. I sometimes thought I'd hear him chortle, "Don't mind if I do!"

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