Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dachshund Relaxation: Max on the Beach

Just a little warning that this new video is probably not appropriate to view at work. From German youtuber discofoto: Our anual vacation to the baltic sea with Max, our blond Dachshund.
Personally, we don't see why you humans are so uptight about a little nudity. Us dachshunds are naked all the time. We see you naked all the time, and honestly, sometimes it's all we can do to keep a straight face.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! :) Very cute video though! Thanks for finding this. Love the music and the filmography.

Anonymous said...

Maybe should be titled Wieners on the Beach ------
Bad joke, but I'm laughing.

MaggieandBandit said...

We enjoyed this very much. We wish our staff would take us to the beach more -- naked or clothed. In fact, there are days we'd wear clothes if it would get us a trip to the beach.

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