Thursday, September 4, 2008

David Duchovny? We Had No Idea

We always thought that the voice sounded familiar, but we had no idea it was David Duchovny doing the voice-overs for the Pedigree commercials. We're just a country mile behind. Anyway, internet celebrity sites are having a good time with the lines "rub my belly...seriously, rub it" after Mr. Duchovny announced last week that he was entering rehab for sex addiction. Defamer says: Knowing David Duchovny is the voice of this dachshund wanting you to rub its belly makes us worried that this dachshund may actually be addicted to random belly-rubbing from total strangers.

We're low to the ground as it is, but we've sunk to a new low just reporting this story.

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Rub his belly.

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