Monday, September 1, 2008

Hard Working Dachshunds: It's Labor Day, Relax!

Whether you have a job as a hunter, therapy dog, squirrel watcher, wiener racer, agility or flyball dog, circus dog performer, tracker, protector, drug sniffer, or bed-warmer, this is the day for all the hard-working dachshunds to kick back and relax. Go on a vacation. Go outside and graze on some grass. Go for a walk in the park. Sit on the couch. Enjoy. It's Labor Day.

Above, Jolanta Jeanneney and her husband John play with two of their wire-haired dachshunds, 'Billy' and 'Elli' at their Berne, New York, home August 26. The Jeanneneys specialize in training dogs for tracking wounded deer and bears. Excerpt from the Daily Gazette: What Jeanneney and the more than 150 state-licensed trackers do is actually humane. When hunters wound deer or bear and cannot find them, they can turn to the volunteer trackers who stand ready to drive considerable distances to begin a search.
The trackers and their trained dogs are usually successful. Since Jeanneney began pioneering the service in the mid-1970s as a permitted trial program watched over by the state Department of Environmental Conservation, he and his German wirehaired dachshunds have found 232 deer and three bear. Once on Long Island, he tracked a deer for nine miles.

Read all about it at the Daily Gazette.

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Anonymous said...

I personally know John and Jolanta and my dogs are also registered with the NATC the US sister club of the DTK (Duetscher Teckel Klub). Their dogs are wonderful and they are both so knowledgeable and interesting to speak with!

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