Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Those Special Dachshunds: Meet Albert, Whitney, and Puddles!

Albert (click any photo to enlarge)

Thanks so much to Allison Schubert for sending in these amazing photos of her pack: 'Albert,' 'Whitney,' and 'Puddles!'  And you won't want to miss the awesome story of Albert finding his long-lost sister!  So, without any further ado:

Dear Joey and Maggie,

I am a seven year old black and tan long hair doxie named Albert
Einstein (and yes, I am just as smart). My mom insisted that I send
you some photos of our family because she loves your blog and reads it
everyday aaaand because she's a doxieographer wannabe (hehe, that
kills me). Anyway, we have a new addition in our family, Whitney. I
may not be fond of the girl but she has a great story to share.
Mom had no intention of getting another dachshund since there is me
and the little demon doxie she brought home last year. Well, she
stumbled across a black and tan long hair female that happened to look
just like me. Upon further investigating (I hate it when she does
that) it was discovered the girl was my long lost sister. You see my
sister had been used for breeding for the past seven years and was
being retired. Mom felt it necessary to have Whitney live with us so
she went and got her that night. She wanted her to know what it was
like to be loved and feel dignity and all that hoopla. The first week
Whitney was home she had an extensive dental and lost six teeth. Then
the next week mom found a mammory tumor and back to the vet she went
for more surgery. However, the tumor was benign. Whitney has been with
us since August and she did come with issues but she is adjusting
well. She has learned to go up and down the porch steps, the hair on
her tail has grown out, she loves to be on the couch now (but I don’t
like it). I saw mom cry too the first time Whitney gave mom a kiss and
crawled in her lap. She is still afraid of a multitude of things
though like the sink faucet, kids, being held or brushed. But, she’s
my sister and we will help her through.

Wags and kisses,
Puddles (demon doxie)




Anonymous said...

Whitney, glad you found your happy home finally. Your haunting eyes tell sad stories. We will be praying that your life with your brother and sister will be a very long one. Your mom is very proud of you too. Cheers

Anonymous said...

You have a good mom, Albert! Families need to be together.

Anonymous said...

Awwwe, my furbabies look good on your blog. Maybe I'm biased but thry are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

you have beautiful dogs!

Linda and the critters said...

Sweethearts all of them. So glad you found your brother Whitney.

kalyxcorn said...

alison is right -they do look good on the blog! time to get one and share the doxie love, girl!


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