Friday, February 5, 2010

Photobooth Dachshund

photobooth dachshund2

Our friends Kyley & 'Ammo' write:

Hi Joey and Maggie,

My Dachshund, Ammo, and I really enjoy reading your blog. (Ammo especially loves the videos you find with Dachshunds in them). We found your blog because a while ago you had featured one of my videos of Ammo playing with my pony (which coincidentally has since been shown on Animal Planet - America's Cutest Dogs).

I thought I would share with you one of my famous works of art that features Dachshunds (via Etsy).

My "Photobooth Series" was a finalist in the 2006 Adobe Design Achievement Awards. This particular set features my own Dachshund, Ammo. I found that out of all the animals I photograph, the Dachshund is by far the most expressive and easy to capture on camera.

Anyway, just wanted to share...thought you might like it! :-)

Kyley & Ammo

Hey thanks for sending in the great photo set, and congratulations on its success.  We love it!  Ammo is quite the Dachshund - we enjoy his videos! 

Keep up with Kyley & Ammo on their fun and informative blog:  The Trick Ponies of Chincoteague


Anonymous said...

Ammo was very excited to see his photo on your blog this morning! Thanks! You made his day!

Anonymous said...

Nice photos!

Linda and the critters said...

Love it.

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