Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dachshund Hero Alerts Family To Fire Danger!

Meet our newest hero, 3-year-old red smooth 'JoJo,' his human, Eleven-year old Kalen Huntley, and the rest of the Huntley family who hail from Kennewick, Washington.  An electrical fire was smoldering behind an outlet in Kalen's bedroom, and JoJo did everything he could to alert the family - even trying to shove Kalen out of her bed!  Excerpt from The Tri-City Herald:

The couple and three of the kids were home when the outlet in Kalen's room apparently started overheating around 1 a.m. Sunday.
Kalen was asleep in her room with JoJo, who usually sleeps with Kalen until her parents go to bed, Diane Urquhart said.
That night, however, JoJo kept coming out of Kalen's room to bug the adults, but they couldn't figure out what he wanted. He had been fed and had already gone outside, Urquhart said.
"He came out to see us four times, then kept going back into our daughter's room," she said.
Urquhart said JoJo's ears usually tell his story -- if he's happy, hungry or done something wrong. But this time was different.
"These ears we did not recognize," she said. "And his face, if a dog can look worried, he looked worried."
Urquhart heard Kalen stirring and decided to see what was going on, and when she walked in her room she could smell an extremely strong burning rubber smell and saw JoJo on Kalen's bed.
"He had his heinie against the wall and was shoving his nose against her side trying to wake her up and shove her out of the bed," Urquhart said.
Firefighters told the family the outlet, which had a lamp and alarm clock plugged into it, was minutes away from catching fire, Urquhart said.
The Urquharts saved JoJo when he was a puppy and was found drifting in the water at Two Rivers Park, and now "he saved us," Urquhart said.

Read all about the special boy JoJo at The Tri-City Herald.


Anonymous said...

You Rock, JoJo. Your family are very proud of you!!

Unknown said...

Way to go JoJo!!!

kalyxcorn said...

now that's a good boy!!!

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