Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No Dachshunds Allowed

Thanks so much to The Frankfurter Files for letting us post their photo of this "No Dachshunds Allowed" sign which is located just outside of Frankfurt, Germany,.....the Motherland.  They note:

I pass this sign when I'm dropping M off at kinder and I always admire it. I like the way it's so specific: No dachshunds on this grass - any other type of dog ok. I also love the way the dachshund has just skillfully slid out from underneath the red line, like it's saying 'yeah, well just you try to stop me. My stumpy legs and ridiculously long body makes it easy for me to escape your stupid sign.'

Keep up with all things Frankfurt at The Frankfurter Files.


teresa said...

Who would post such a terrible sign? :]

Debi & Ringo said...

lol That is funny - Ringo would just pee on the sign :P

I saw a similar sign at a metro park in MI, it was for no dogs allowed on the beach or something. But it had a pic of a dachshund. It kind of ticked me off, since I was there with my dachshund...

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