Friday, February 19, 2010

Emma Sings For Her Supper

Meet 'Emma.'  She is seen here performing in front of 500 elementary school students yesterday in Southaven, Tennessee, as part of a program to encourage the students to read and write.  Emma works with her Dachshund siblings 'Spike,' 'Tatum,' and 'Daphne,' as well as her human,  David Sargent Jr., author of 41 children's books. 

Tatum is the smallest and can master the teeter-totter. Daphne can run through a tunnel and jump through a hoop. Emma sings. Spike does a little dance.

They travel year round in the school year to promote their good message and entertain the crowds.  What a great crew!  Read all about them and see a pic of Daphne at The Commercial Appeal.

1 comment:

Cynthia in RI said...

That picture makes my day! (and yes, I know we are not supposed to encourage dachsies to sit up like that)

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