Friday, October 17, 2008

The Working Dachshund: Born To Track

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If you're a working dachshund, you probably already know about a new blog called Born to Track News & Views: news, reports, pictures, articles and announcements from Dachshunds bred and used for hunting and tracking wounded big game. Blood tracking, field trials, dog breeding, training and more.
In the increasingly popular trend to use dachshunds for tracking of downed game, they offer up some interesting photos and nicely written stories and articles, like Can longhaired and smooth dachshunds be used for blood tracking?
Sniff Sniff. Head on over to Born to Track News & Views.
Above photo: Judge Sandy Horskin is watching 'Brooke' working the rabbit scent at some recent dachshund field trials in Batavia, NY.

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Us city dachshunds are just glad to say "Thank Dog it's Friday!" Have a great one.

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