Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dachshunds in Art: Robert Pokorny

Dachshund Lover Robert Pokorny, who hails from Long Beach, California, offers up some great quirky and somewhat retro-ish artwork inspired by his red smooth 'Lily.' We honestly couldn't decide which of his pieces to post, each one is nicer than the next, and they sure do bring a smile to your face. They'd look great on your walls if you're looking for fun and funky dachshund art. Above is the hilarious piece titled Dog Daze.

Meow. Robert Pokorny's Dachshund, James Dachshund

The artist and 'Lily.'

You can see more pieces and purchase prints at Thumbtack Press, keep up with the artist on his blog, or find out more at his website, RIP GALLERY. Woof!


Anonymous said...

Those are too cute! Love the Dachshund, James Dachshund!

Anonymous said...

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