Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dachshund Dream Team!

Go Go Go 'Piper!' (click photo to enlarge)
Thanks to our good pals, rescues 'Peaches' and 'Piper,' for sending in this great story of a special flyball Dream Team, comprised of dachshunds from all over the country who competed last weekend in Memphis, Tennessee! Wow! Wanna see some super speedy sausages? Don't miss the awesome video!
We went to Memphis for the U-FLI Flyball Championships which were held on Saturday and Sunday. The Friday before, there was a Dream Team Challenge tournament. You could put any combination of dogs together, and our team "Dash Hounds" was comprised of 5 dachshunds:

Autumn Breeze from TN
Dapple from MI
Jane Doe from VA
Peaches from IL
Piper Man from IL

We came in last place in our division, but we did manage to win 1 race against a team of Golden Retrievers! What we lacked in speed we made up for in cuteness and determination!

Talk about fast and furry.

The "Dash Hounds" Dream Team (click image to enlarge)

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Anonymous said...

I so wish there was this much going on in my neck of the woods for dachshunds!

Matt said...

Awesome! I knew Dachshund owners would let all the other breeds have all the fun, even if we're not the fastest. One of those dogs was pretty fast though, he was flying over those hurdles!

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for visiting my blog. Frankie F.

Anonymous said...

That's such a cool photo of Piper! Those dogs are FAST!

Dachshund lover said...

Hi Joey and Maggie, Your blog is just wonderful. You are sure a couple of cuties. I am a friend of Frankie's. We dachshunds and dachshund lovers are truly a special breed, are we not?

Rowdy and Bette said...

Hey Matt...that was probably Peaches....she's fast!
Thanks frankie furter and dachshund lover!! Dachshund lovers sure are a special breed.

Anonymous said...

Go Dash Hounds!
It was great to see P & P in flight! and you guys beat out Goldens, that's something to be mighty pround of :)
hugs- Sam, Tom, Gina and Kim

MaggieandBandit said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderfuling flyball heroes!
We want to play!

Anonymous said...

Wiener races don't have a thing on flyball if you want to see fast dachshunds!

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