Friday, October 17, 2008

Dachshund Love Stories

Meet Meryl Townes and her first dog, smooth black and tan 'Hans.' Ms. Townes recalls the fond memories she has of Hans in an article at The Las Vegas Sun. Here's an excerpt: They gave me the puppy and a small cardboard carton to transport him in.
About 10 seconds into the trip home, the puppy began whining and jumping frantically to get out of the box. I couldn't drive the rest of the way home with all this commotion next to me, so I leaned over, picked him up and placed him on my lap.
Big mistake! He curled into a ball and promptly went to sleep. I'm sure he chuckled inside knowing he won this round, the first of many he was to win over the next 15 years.
We have another dachshund now and she is adorable, but there is no other dog that can ever replace Hans.
Of all our dogs, he is the only one who left paw prints on my heart.

Read more at The Las Vegas Sun.


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