Friday, December 19, 2008

With Dachshunds for Company, Christmas will be Merry

From The American Dachshund, December, 1965

This is Putschi, head through wreath. The picture was taken by Laurence Alden Horswell for Christmas 1941.
Putschi, then nearing seven years, was Mr. & Mrs. Horswell's "favorite red bitch." She accumulated a championship, three champion puppies out of her only litter of four, and 12 field trial 3rd and 4th place ribbons," writes Mr. Horswell.
"The only reason she didn't place higher was that when we lived in town, with cats in the apartment, we had to train her not to give tongue, to keep peace with the neighbors."
Mrs. Horswell had just come home from a walk with Putschi, and Mr. H. was about to hang the wreath on the front door. The picture was impromptu.

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