Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top Dachshund News Stories of 2008

My New Year's Wish for you, dear friend, contains enough of everything to have you want for nothing more.

Well, where do you begin after such a busy year in the world of Dachshunds? We've been working on this Dachshund News Roundup: 2008 for a few days now, and it's nearly impossible to highlight just a few of the heartwarming news stories, the great work of our rescue and educational groups, and all the awesome dachshund events, photos, and videos. We hope you've been reading all year so that you haven't missed anything, it's been great fun. Thanks for all the great story tips over the year.
Of course, there were some sad stories sprinkled in with the good ones, and our hearts go out to all the dachshunds who have dealt with some serious issues this year, and in some cases where dachshunds are now waiting for us at The Rainbow Bridge. Rest in peace, little ones.
Probably the biggest story of the year, as it concerns the welfare of the dachshund breed, is the August puppy mill rescue of nearly 1,000 dachshunds in Parkersburg, West Virginia. This may be the largest puppy mill raid in history. How a country of dog lovers came together to the aid of these dogs is nothing less than astounding. Not a single dog was euthanized in the effort. It also shows us that as a country, the United States has a lot of work to do to wipe out puppy mills. Bless everyone who helped rescue, adopt, foster, transport, donate, and volunteer for dachshund and dog rescue in 2008.
The next biggest story to affect the dachshund breed in 2008 was the study which was released in July naming the dachshund as the most aggressive dog breed on the planet. Some readers dismissed the study as a bunch of "hoo-hah," but some wear the badge as an honor. We admit to being a bit shocked at first, but when you combine such factors as lap dog, a genetic marker for fierceness, and the learned experiences of a little dog who is often teased by children, you end up with a dog that could very well have behavior issues. Thankfully, a dachshund bite generally does little damage, but it's an important factor to consider when choosing a dachshund for a companion dog. Of course, many dachshunds don't have an aggressive hair on their long and short little bodies.
In sentimental stories, our favorite was the story and video of Sam, the loyal dachshund who found his way to his owner's funeral, 2.5 days later, 6 miles from his home, across busy of the most amazing canine stories we've ever heard. Other notables include Annie, who saved her human, and Tootsie, who was found 5 years after he went missing, some 350 miles from his home.
Thanks to all the readers who sent in news story tips and "Dachshund Love" stories over the year. There's nothing better than seeing beautiful dachshund photos and reading about why every dachshund is special and loved. These wonderful stories can be found throughout this link.
We've tried to provide other forms of entertainment throughout the year when news is slow, from finding great videos, photos, poetry, humor, art, and shopping opportunities, to researching dachshund history, posting vintage images, and highlighting famous and celebrity dachshunds. Many of these can be found by clicking on the Favorite Topics links in the right hand column of the website. There's a brand new section in the right hand column, scroll way down, which lists all the famous dachshunds we've profiled so far....pick your poison! There are more to come!

Thanks again for all your support! May you be happy, healthy, and loved in 2009.

Your Long and Short of it All hosts,
Joey and Maggie

P.S. So, what was your favorite story for 2008?

January, 2008: Dachshund Lovers head south for the big Key West Dachshund Walk; New Pedigree Anti-Dachshund Commercial; The Dachshund Slips to Number 7 in AKC Registration; Dachshunds in the Ringling Bros Circus; 'The Ugly Dachshund' Actress Suzanne Pleshette passes; 'Jesus' held hostage over 'Wiener Poopie'; South Beach Dachshund Winterfest.

February, 2008: Live streaming video of dachshund momma 'Magic' and her puppies; Dachshunds compete at Westminster; Wienermobile Wipes Out; Iris Love's Dachshund Party at Tavern on the Green; Tink the Dachshund nurses Pink the piglet.

March, 2008: We meet Frankie, the Walk 'n Roll Dog; Stolen Dachshund Offered at Pawn Shop comes home; Dachshund Hero Saves Cat; Dachshunds Compete at Crufts; An E-Mail from the Empress of Iran; Viral Dachshund Video: Jerry Needs No Help Playing With His Ball; Roxy the Dachshund Bitten By Coral Snake (rest in peace little one); The Dachshund Song (wiener dog, wiener dog, wiener dog, wiener dog!).

April, 2008: Bingo, the Famous LA Dachshund passes; Loyal Dachshund Finds Way to Owner's Funeral; Buda Wiener Races; UC Davis Doxie Derby; Dachshund Gets New Grill at the Dentist; Signs of the Dachshund Revolution Surface in Washington, DC.

May, 2008: Queen of Denmark's Dachshund Hit By Car; New York's Dachshund Spring Fiesta; Two UK Dachshunds Come Home After Missing for 3 Months; Denmark's Royal Dachshund Bites Guard; Eddie's Wheels Featured on the Today Show; Annie the Dachshund Saves her Human; we meet Sylar, an Albino Dachshund; The Long and Short of it All turns One Year Old.

June, 2008: Ft. Wayne Wiener Nationals; Lady the Dachshund Warrior Protects Family from Bear; Summer Wiener Races and Festivals; Sophie Rescued After 3 days in 16-Foot-Deep Hole; The Wheelchair Pushing Dachshund.

July, 2008: DRNA wins $1,000 Donation from; New Study Finds Dachshund the Most Aggressive Dog on the Planet; Wiener Races and Summer Festivals; Bella the Dachshund Recovers from Rare Brain Surgery; We meet Bubba, the Dachshund on Mole Patrol; Fred's Journey to the 2008 Olympics; Mighty Dog Commercial With Dachshund.

August, 2008: Possibly the Largest Puppy Mill Raid in History, 1,000 Dachshunds Rescued in Parkersburg, West Virginia; Who's Your Dachshund begins; Dachshund Gene Mutation May Help Humans With Blindness; Dachshund Digs Up Wallet Lost for 60 Years; Wiener Takes All Released on DVD; BBC Announces Review of Crufts Dog Show; Dachshund Club of America Supports West Virginia Rescue Efforts.

September, 2008: More Fallout From Parkersburg, West Virginia Puppy Mill Raid; The costs of Owning a Dachshund; Eleven Dachshunds Left at Over-Crowded Ohio Shelter; Wiener Races and Festivals; Our Dedicated Folks in Dachshund Rescue.

Dachtober, 2008: Still More Fallout From Parkersburg, West Virginia Puppy Mill Raid; Election Fun, Dolly's Incredible Story; Dachshunds Are Blessed; Savannah Wiener Dawg Races; Dachshund Dream Team; NYC's Dachshund Fall Parade; Halloween Fun; Dachshunds Versus Bees; Lots of Wiener Races.

November, 2008: Dachshunds Rescued From Hoarder Are Reunited; George Clooney is All Wet; Dachshunds in the White House; Veterans Day and Dachshunds; Dachshund Champion Dash is Lost and Found; Doxie Digest Magazine Debuts; Texas Dachshund Rescued From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning; Edgar, a Stolen Dachshund; Dachshunds Feeling Economic Crunch; Tootsie, A Lost Dachshund, Found 5 Years Later, 350 Miles Away.

December, 2008: Christmas and Holiday Dachshund Shopping; Maggie's Dachshund Babies, Live Streaming Puppies Video; Awesome Dachshund Videos; The Longing Eyes of a Puppy Mill Dachshund; BBC Cancels Crufts Coverage; Holiday Dachshund Fun; Dachshund With Half A Pack of Cigarettes a Day Habit Killed by Car; Dachshund Lover Literature: Mrs. Astor Regrets; Neglected Dachshund Now a Picture of Health; Daisy Revived with CPR after House Fire.


Anonymous said...

My favorite Dachshund story is that Maggie and Joey+1 continue to blog for all the Dacshund lovers. Day after day they work those little paws, tracking down stories, giving us History, teaching us to be better owners, getting the message of the Rescue Dachshunds out to the public, finding the humor and the sadness of being an owner etc, etc. How two little dogs and one Dachsie lover get all of this done, everyday, day after day takes a lot of love. He does it all with class and without advertising.
The greatest Dachsie story is The Long and Short of it All. There is only one blog at the top. You have made a tremendous commitment and I among many thank you. Hope the New Year is your best and all of you are Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and have Dachshund Love forever.
Thank you, Marene and Ali.

jam said...

my favorite story was about sam the loyal dachshund. i've enjoyed your blog so much. i'm owned by three miniature dachshunds... schnitzel; winifred; and wilbur. they are a joy. Happy New Year!

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