Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wiener Dog Poetry

The Walking Weener

Who called me that - "the walking weener" ?
How's your Mama, ever seen 'er?
How dare you, try disparage me?
I've got a bloody pedigree!

Got better papers, than your Granny.
You're due a biting on the fanny.
Aero-dynamic, can't you see?
For swimmin' cross the Zeider Zee.

Lines of tubular design
Make a profile strictly mine.
I'm built real low, close to the ground
For findin' change that ain't been found.

Thanks to our good friend Inc123 for sending in the link to this poem via our pals at, home of fine custom pet portraits. We can't find the original source of the piece. There's another nice poem to read over at


Anette said...

hey maggie and joey! Lovie from Evanston (and his humans) wishes you a wonderful holiday season!!! hope to see you again soon!

curator said...

Hi guys! Been a while since I could drop by and your blog blows me away as always. Where do you get those wonderful photos!!?
Happiest of holidays to you from the Museum gang!

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